If you’re looking for a house cleaning service anywhere in the Greater Vancouver area, whether it’s a 500 sq apartment or a 5,000 sq house. We’re here to help! We clean homes of all shapes and sizes. From residential homes to apartments and townhomes. We clean valley wide and even offer an hourly service for odd jobs that don’t require a full home cleaning. We’re flexible and can help you out no matter what your situation.


There are a lot that goes into picking a great house cleaner. Trust us, we know! Finding a truly great team can take months! We interview 100s of cleaners before we hire one that meets our standard. That’s because with our 200% guarantee we can only afford the best cleaners in the valley! We’ve already handled the leg work of hiring a great team and we’ve put our money where our mouth is.


Our home cleanings are flat rate, meaning there’s no need for estimates or in person visits for a quote. Just tell us the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in the house, add anything else you need cleaned to the order and book. It’s that easy!

What’s included?

When we show up for a cleaning we follow very specific guidelines to make sure we’re delivering a world class cleaning service every time. Below is a list of what we include with our regular home cleaning service.



    1. General Cleaning: Dusting and wiping surfaces like blinds, window ledges, cabinets, and electronic appliances.
    2. Kitchen Focus: Cleaning stove top, fan, microwave, countertops, sinks, and stainless steel surfaces.
    3. Trash and Cobwebs: Emptying trash cans and removing cobwebs.
    4. Laundry Area Care: Dusting, vacuuming, and mopping floors in the laundry area.
    5. Ceiling Fans: Dusting and cleaning ceiling fans.
    6. Floor Care: Vacuuming rugs, and mopping kitchen and laundry floors.

    1. Safe Cleaning Practices: Using green products for marble and stone surfaces, ensuring safety while cleaning appliances.
    2. Bathroom Mirrors and Fixtures: Thorough cleaning of bathroom mirrors, chrome surfaces, showers, sinks, toilets, and tubs.
    3. Cobweb and Dust Removal: Eliminating cobwebs from corners and ceilings, dusting blinds, window ledges, furniture, and doors.
    4. Trash Management: Regularly emptying trash and replacing bags as needed.
    5. Floor Care: Mopping bathroom floors with a fresh, non-chemical scent, vacuuming rugs and floors with special attention.
    6. Cabinet Maintenance: Wiping and cleaning the exterior surfaces of bathroom cabinets.

    1. Ceiling Fans Deep Clean: Thorough cleaning of ceiling fans, eliminating all dust accumulation.
    2. Specialized Cobweb Removal: Special teams target corners, ceilings, and hidden spaces for cobweb removal.
    3. Bedroom Furniture Dusting: Wiping down and clearing any dust or marks from bedroom furniture.
    4. Comprehensive Trash Management: Emptying trash in bedrooms, living areas, and offices, disposing of it properly.
    5. Bed Making and Linen Change: Making beds and changing bed linens left on top of the bed.
    6. Floor Care: Vacuuming carpets, small rugs, and stairs with specialized floor attachments for thorough cleaning.

    1. Vacuum and Clean: Cabinets and Drawers Interior
    2. Fridge Cleaning
    3. Oven Cleaning
    4. Interior Window Cleaning

    Each cleaning is crafted specifically for your home; no two houses are identical. Our skilled cleaners use their expertise to decide what needs attention, prioritizing based on your home’s condition. Feel free to share your preferences at the start. Your satisfaction with your home’s appearance is our top priority, and we’re dedicated to achieving that for you


    We handle most cleaning tasks, but there are a couple we avoid for safety reasons:

    1. Light bulbs & fixtures: We don’t clean light bulbs due to their fragility and liability concerns.
    2. Outside windows: For safety reasons, we clean only inside windows reachable with a small ladder, not exterior windows requiring special equipment or ladders.