Fore Service offers professional carpet cleaning that not only revitalizes the appearance of your carpets but also prioritizes your well-being. Our thorough cleaning process eliminates allergens, germs, insects, and embedded grime, significantly enhancing indoor air quality. Utilizing water sanitation above 170°F, our advanced truck-mounted system operates at 240°F, ensuring a deeply sanitized carpet for your peace of mind. Coupled with our high-heat treatment and potent vacuuming, your carpets will be swiftly dry within hours. Trust Fore Service for a cleaner, healthier home or business environment for you and your community.


At Fore Service, your satisfaction and the health of your carpets are our foremost priorities. Our commitment extends beyond revitalizing your carpets; it encompasses a significant enhancement in indoor air quality. If our meticulous cleaning process doesn’t deliver the promised freshness and cleanliness to your carpets, we’re dedicated to promptly addressing any concerns. Your contentment with the rejuvenation and improved health of your carpets is our unwavering commitment, ensuring a cleaner, healthier environment for you and those around you.


  • Preserves Carpet Investment: Regular cleaning safeguards your carpet investment.
  • Enhances Indoor Air Quality: Regular cleaning improves the air you breathe indoors.
  • Simplifies Maintenance: Regular cleaning makes carpet upkeep easier.
  • Reduces Allergens: Annual cleaning minimizes allergens and bacteria in Vancouver homes.
  • Enhances Aesthetics: Cleaning enhances the overall appearance of your home.
  • Dust Mite Removal: Cleaning is crucial for removing dust mites from carpets.