How To Create A Family Cleaning Schedule

How To Create A Family Cleaning Schedule

We shouldn’t feel overwhelmed with our household chores, especially when we’re not the only ones making the mess. If you live by yourself, you probably don’t have a lot of cleaning to do. If you have a family, you’re probably cleaning most of the time.

Have you ever thought of creating a cleaning schedule for your family? We know that, in theory, everything works beautifully. And we’re here to help you make it work in practice! By the end, you’ll be able to enjoy your days better, have more free time, and all of that in a clean home.

Start with a list

The first step is to make a list of everything that has to be done. Take your time to make sure you’re not forgetting anything. If you’re the person who does most of it, you might have to work on that list for a while. That’s because most of your chores might already be second nature to you, and you might have a hard time remembering them.

From making the bed to wiping down the counters and doing laundry, don’t leave anything out!

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Dividing the chores

There are a lot of ways to decide who does what. When dividing the chores, you can consider what each family member likes to do. If they don’t like to do anything at all, leave it up to you to decide.

Some people can be very resistant to help, in this case, try and give that person more flexibility. You’re working together, not against each other!

Creating a schedule

Now that you have a list of chores, you can start working on the schedule. Focus on each person’s availability and how long each chore takes. Make sure to leave the big chores for the weekends.

Talking to your family beforehand is also a good option. That way, you have more information when working on the schedule and won’t have to make that many changes.

Separating the cleaning equipment

If your family isn’t used to help, they probably don’t even know where the cleaning products and equipment are. It might be necessary to show them where you put those and maybe even explain what they’re for.

Remember to use natural cleaning products so your family can be safe while helping. Even if you use natural products, you should still supervise children using those at all times. Remember, AspenClean products are 100% natural and made with organic essential oils.

Discussing the list

After it is structured, you can work on the list with your family to make it more enjoyable. That way, your kids can tell you what they would like to do better, and they’ll enjoy helping even more. This is also your chance to give specific instructions where needed.

Set a deadline

It’s important to set a time for the daily tasks to be completed. You can be a bit more flexible with the weekly and monthly tasks. Making sure the deadline is aligned with your expectations is key to avoiding getting stressed out by something that is there to help you.

These tips are only a guide for you to set a starting point. Feel free to customize it as you go, and to make it more realistically fit into your routine. There are no rules, and you can work around it as much as you need to. You can always make changes later on!


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